Break - Tina

Meet Tina.

She's having a tough time at the moment. But will things get better for her?


What an awful week! War had broken out in the world, someone had broken into Tina's house, and her face had broken out in spots. Could it get any worse?!

Her phone rang. At first she couldn't hear clearly, but then she realised it was her boyfriend and he was breaking up with her. She hung up the phone and broke down in tears.

She needed to break away from this cycle and break through this negative part of her life.

Tina crept downstairs and opened her secret locked cupboard and quickly found her favourite chocolate and broke a piece off. She looked at it…before breaking it into pieces.

How had the relationship broken down?! It didn't make sense. She was beginning to break out in a sweat when suddenly she decided…NO!

She had one option: to break out of this cycle of bad relationships and move on with her life.

Ok, she thought, what do I do first? Where do I go?

But her car had broken down so driving somewhere wasn't an option. But it was ok. She had some new trainers that needed breaking in so she decided to run. She ran and she ran and she didn't stop…until her legs gave in and she had to head home.