The Solo Language Learner Planner

Get your language learning in order with this reusable digital + printable planner.

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You distract yourself with the washing up that definitely needs to be done before you begin studying.

You procrastinate with that dog walk that absolutely needs to happen right now.

You eventually sit down to study...a little nervous about where to begin.

5 hours later…

The dishes are washed, the dog is walked, but your language learning remains to be done.

Time for change.

The Solo Language Learner Planner is a digital and print-ready planner to get your language learning in order and make you more productive.

Forget the washing up, give the dog a bone, and get learning.

With The Solo Language Learner Planner, things look more like this...

You’re studying regularly knowing exactly what you need to be focusing on.

You’re reviewing your progress + improving how you do things regularly.

You’re setting goals + getting them done.

Now you have time to wash up, walk the dog, and learn languages. Woop!

Here’s what happens next…

  1. You click the button above and are taken to the checkout.
  2. Once you’ve enrolled, you can instantly access the Planner + download it to get started.
  3. You have lifetime access to the materials and you up your solo language learning! Woop!

Your Instructor

Lindsay Williams
Lindsay Williams

Why hello there! I'm Lindsay and I do Languages, which is why I founded Lindsay Does Languages in 2012, a community dedicated to inspiring independent language learners + online teachers to succeed when doing it solo.

When I'm not learning languages myself (+ I've studied a few - 11 at last count!), I'm coaching independent language learners + online teachers just like you online.

And when I'm not doing that I'm playing with my tortoise Gonzo who speaks a grand total of zero languages.

This planner is for you if...

• You find much more urgent things to do that absolutely must be done right now before you start learning that language

• You can’t escape the Instagram/Facebook/Twitter scroll for minutes...nay, hours on end (+ there’s not even language stuff filling your feed!)

• You end up calling your Great Aunt Gladis who you feel a sudden pang of guilt towards for not calling in seventeen years because she definitely needs to be called right now before you start learning that language

But, hey, I'm all about honesty. This planner might not be for you if...

• You're not learning a language (If that’s you, well done for finding this website!)

• You don't want to up your game with your language learning (But, let's be honest, we can always up our game, right?)

• You're a narwhal (Although...adorable. Come live with me?)

The planner has been updated majorly for 2019!

So exactly what planning pages do you get?

You get over 30 reusable digital and print-ready planning pages as follows:


Annual Calendar (12 Months + 6 Months)

Annual Daily Habit Tracker

Monthly Calendar

Monthly Habit Trackers (Simple + Advanced)

Weekly Overview

Weekly Habit Tracker (Simple + Advanced)

Daily Planner


First Impression New Language Goals

First Impression Current Language Goals

Goal Setting Questions

Simple Onion Goals

Advanced Onion Goals

Simple Ladder Goals

Advanced Ladder Goals

Language Project Planner

Study Session or Project Review


Lesson Record + Notes

Exchange Record + Notes

Speaking Record

Writing Record

Reading Record

Podcast Record

TV Record

Film Record

Content Review


Content Deep Dive

Vocabulary Deep Dive

Grammar Deep Dive

Verb Deep Dive

Everything you need to keep your language learning in order for one price. Woop!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get the planner?
The planner is available instantly after purchasing. You can then download it to use as and when you need it. Yay!
How long do I have access to the planner?
Forever! And that includes any future updates too. Woop!
Do you offer refunds?
Due to the digital downloadable nature of this product, all sales are final.

Please note: If you are living in the EU, this purchase will be subject to compulsory EU VAT charges.